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Winter Wonderland
This month we celebrate winter. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter is a time for some animals to hibernate or become dormant. Some people may spend more time indoors or travel to a warmer region to avoid the cold weather. But many other people enjoy the snow and cold of winter and the sports that allow them to spend time outdoors. Click on the links below for a sampling of Britannica's extensive coverage of winter-thriving animals, popular winter sports, and more.
winter wonderland
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Video: Wildlife: Getting Ready for Winter

Investigating the Global Climate

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Climate shapes the way life and societies develop in any given area. Preview this e-book now. E-mail us at to learn more.

  Here's what's being talked about on the Britannica Blog:

10 people you shoudn't forget10 People You Shouldn't Forget
The following 10 people are only a small sampling of those whose deaths have drawn the notice of Britannica's editors over the past 12 months. All are worth remembering in 2012.

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How Much Does Earth's Atmosphere Weigh? How Much Does Earth's Atmosphere Weigh?
A lot of people wonder how much our planet itself weighs. But what about its atmosphere?


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