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July has been a popular month for uprisings and revolts. Many annual July celebrations, such as Bastille Day in France and Independence Day in the United States, commemorate battles or events that were significant attempts to change the government. In other countries, Vladimir Lenin led an unsuccessful revolt in Russia in July 1917 before the October Revolution, an uprising in July 1936 led to the Spanish Civil War, a group led by Gamal Abdel Nasser overthrew the monarchy in Egypt in July 1952, and Fidel Castro led an attack on military barracks in Cuba in July 1953, to name a few. Click on the links below to explore Britannica's coverage of these topics.

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Spanish Civil War
Fidel Castro

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Biographies of the New American Nation

In the wake of the American Revolution, the United States of America was faced with the task of evolving into an independent republic This move was facilitated by a number of visionaries who rose to the challenge of crafting what would become America’s national ethos. Readers will be absorbed as this volume surveys the lives of the individuals responsible for some of the nation’s earliest political, social, and cultural achievements. Preview this e-book now. E-mail us at to learn more.

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