Insects are the most abundant animals on Earth, with about 1 million species described so far. Scientists think that the actual number of living insect species could be as high as 5 million to 10 million. With so many different kinds, we're bound to come across all sorts of insects--from butterflies to beetles to bumblebees--right in our own backyards.
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This e-book teaches children about animals that are endangered, offers fun facts (did you know crickets hear with their front legs?), and shows how animals help us by providing food, clothing, friendship, and other necessities. View the e-book now. E-mail us at contact@eb.com to learn more.
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Welcome to the Animal Kingdom! This feature, for ages 4 to 7, allows young children to learn about all kinds of animals, from familiar dogs and cats to animals you may have never heard of before.
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