World Oceans Day 2011

World Oceans Day is an official United Nations celebration designed to increase worldwide awareness of Earth's oceans and the ecosystems they contain. Click on images in the wildlife scene below to find a selection of Britannica's articles on ocean and marine topics ranging from the physical qualities of Earth's oceans to the organisms that inhabit them, as well as the scientists who study these beautiful places.

In This Issue:
Life in the Oceans
Marine Ecosystems

Oceans and Oceanography

This e-book surveys the huge, but fragile, ocean ecosystem and the individuals who help fight for the preservation of this vital resource that has critical significance to all earthly life. View the e-book now. E-mail us at to learn more.

Here's what's being talked about on the Britannica Blog:
    In the past month, the Mississippi River valley has been swamped by record flooding. Though engineering in the wake of past deluges has prevented Old Man River from unleashing his full fury on the towns and farms of America's heartland, the consequences of the flood have nonetheless been dire.

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    June 1 marks the beginning of the six-month-long hurricane season in the Atlantic. Britannica takes a look at these powerful storms, which are all technically tropical cyclones.

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