The Night Sky
Since the beginning of history, people have looked up at the night sky and wondered. Click on the article titles below to learn about notable constellations, stars, and planets, as well as articles about how astronomers study objects in the sky.
Solar System Constellations Stars Studying the Sky
Learning Materials   Have You Tried...?

Animation: The Celestial Sphere

Web Worksheet: Your Very Own Constellation

Video: Solar System: Asteroids and Comets

Astronomy: Understanding the Universe

In Astronomy: Understanding the Universe, students will learn about some of the major discovery milestones in the field of astronomy and examine the tools and techniques currently used by astronomers to study the universe. View the e-book now. E-mail us at to learn more.


Timelines: Interactive timelines arrange information chronologically by subject area, including exploration, science, technology, and other important topics. Click here to try them now.

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